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Best Stem Cells Therapy Center in Mexico

Our clinic has been open since 1991, so our methodology and stem cells protocols are the result of many years of experience.

parkinson's disease
Parkinson's Disease Protocol

Less rigidity so that you can move better, coordinate, and walk better with our Stem Cells Therapy for Parkinson’s disease; freedom matters!

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

If you want to know more about stem cells therapy for chronic back pain, please contact us!

Stem cells therapy for COPD

Dr. Gonzalez designed and provided a unique protocol and methodology specifically for stem cells therapy for COPD.

We use Botox & Juvéderm

to make your face look amazing!

Morpheus8 Treatment

Stimulate the production of collagen and resurface your skin to discover a younger-looking you.

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Integra Medical Center – Stem Cells Therapy in Mexico

At Integra Medical Center, every person is taken care of, in a precise and particular way.

Each Stem Cells treatment might be different in terms of doses and methods.

Please send your clinical data to be reviewed by our medical staff, and we’ll get back to you with at least three possible stem cells protocols that accommodate your budget.

Free initial evaluation by Dr. Gonzalez.

Not sure if our Stem Cells Therapy is right for you? Find out how our method can improve the quality of your life.

Welcome to Integra Medical Center

Integra Medical Center (IMC). Our purpose is to contribute to the well- being of patients from all over the world who want positive results in new and alternative medical therapies. We help different types of patients— from the ones who have been abandoned or rejected from mainstream medicine to the people committed to maintaining or optimizing their current level of good health.

We are proud of being one of the best integrative medicine centers in the area of Nuevo Progreso. We provide:

  • Regenerative Medicine ( Stem Cells protocols ).
  • Medical Acupuncture.
  • Shock wave therapy.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation,
  • Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Dentistry.
  • Chelation, and other IV Therapy.

Integra Medical Center with Terry Bradshaw in Today in America

Stem Cells Therapy in Mexico since 1991 – Dr Omar D. Gonzalez

Our Services

Integra medical center

Stem Cells Therapy

Integra is the leader in Stem Cells Therapy in Mexico. Click below to learn more about our current medical packages.

integra medical center cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Patients feel great, and look great! Integra’s Cosmetic packages are affordable!

FREE CONSULTATION when you inquire about Cosmetic Surgery.

integra medical center acupuncture

Acupuncture and Longevity

This ancient technique and knowledge, performed by a Human Acupuncture Specialist to balance the mind and body.

Most Common Medical Treatments

Our patients say:


About Dr. Omar D. Gonzalez

integra medical center

I have traveled the world for stem cell treatment and nothing has worked until now! I have been to Costa Rica 10 years ago, Germany, India twice where I had my own bone marrow, LA 4 times where I had stem cells from fat, Moscow 3 times where I had bone marrow and cord blood, Serbia twice where I had donated bone marrow and lastly Mexico where I was treated by the best surgeon in the world and am seeing great results!

These are some of the google reviews we have from our patients!

dot smith
dot smith
It's a little intimidating to cross that border and go to a doctor in Old Mexico. But rest assured, I am so glad I did. Dr Gonzalez has studied and has credentials from all over the world. He is very kind, knowledgeable and skilled in many areas as a doctor. With that being said I had multiple places on my face that needed attention. He not only removed those but I also had the laser done with him. My skin looks awesome. He walked me through the procedure and checked with me every day to make sure things were going well. I also had a problem with dry eyes. In the states, they wanted to use a different procedure and told me MAYBE by the third treatment I might see some results, and of course they wanted a lot of money. Dr Gonzales said I would see results with the first treatment. And I did. I could see better, and my eyes felt better than they had in years. I can wet my eyes now just by blinking. Prices here are very reasonable. Antonio does great facials and also assists Dr Gonzalez in procedures along with Juan. They are his nurses. He does many procedures that are not on his brochure. Go ahead and ask if they do it. You might be surprised. Can't wait to go back next year!! The office is very easy to find. When you come through the border, crossover the first Street and they are on the left side of the road. Btw, you don't need anyone to guide you or show you how to get to the office it is very easy to find.
Ken Naumann
Ken Naumann
Great kind people. Did a good job. Many thanks ????
Rox Zavala
Rox Zavala
Me encanto como me trato el doctor y su asistente, me hicieron sentir super cómoda a mi y a mi amiga, y el trabajo que con hico el doctor fue espectacular, im definitely coming back! Gracias doctor Omar!
Gladys Barrera
Gladys Barrera
El último día de tratamiento le dije al doctor González que no me alcanzarían las estrellas que pudieran decir todo lo bueno que había sido para mi encontrarlo, encontrarlo fue una gran bendición para mi, tenía 3 años padeciendo del Nervio trigémino a consecuencia de una mala práctica médica, el dolor ya se había vuelto insoportable al grado de que mi neurólogo ya quería darme un medicamento que me incapacitaría ya que el que estaba tomando no estaba haciendo ningún efecto, estaba tan desesperada y sufriendo y mi familia junto conmigo, es tan difícil que te entiendan cuando no están pasando por algo así, miré muchos doctores y todos me daban la misma respuesta de que no había mucho que hacer por mi para que mi dolor fuera menos intenso, pero esto no fue lo mismo que dijo el doctor González el siempre me dio la confianza de que el podía ayudarme y así fue gracias al tratamiento de la célula madre y a las terapias que recibí,Dios siempre nos pone los medios y para mi fue el Dr. Omar González, no tengo las palabras para expresar mi gratitud hacia el Doctor quien cuenta con un gran equipo médico quienes se encargan de que siempre te sientas que estás en el mejor lugar y con la mejor atención, Así que doy gracias a Dios por poner al doctor en mi camino el definitivamente con su ayuda volvió a dar luz a mi vida????
Ivy Kessel
Ivy Kessel
A few days ago I traveled from Los Angeles to Dr Omar Gonzalez's office in Mexico to obtain treatment from him. Both Dr Gonzalez and his office were very professional, competent and extremely intelligent. At first I was a tad concerned about going from Los Angeles to Mexico for stem cell rejuvenation treatment, but I can confirm for any prospective patient who wants treatment with Dr Gonzalez, that you will be in excellent hands. I definitely felt that way and my son who accompanied me to my surgery, also felt that way speaking with Dr Gonzalez both before & after my procedure. His nursing staff was also attentive & very professional. Thank you very much Dr. Gonzalez.
Chris Beck
Chris Beck
I was suffering from long term Lyme’s Disease, and debilitating joint and low back pain. I’m a 57 year old antique furniture dealer. I’m 7 weeks post-procedure. I had five supplemental acupuncture treatments, with cold laser follow up and shockwave (on my low back, one time) I feel GREAT! Headaches are gone. Brain fog is gone. Anxiety is gone. Depression is gone. My joints are pain free. My back is pain free. I can easily run up and down stairs. I’m stronger. I sleep much better. I’m losing weight. I have renewed ambition to move. I’m so happy. Thank you Dr. Omar!!
larissa sandoval
larissa sandoval
I can't say enough about Dr.Omar Gonzalez he is such a sincere man in how he is explaining any service he is giving you. I've had problems since I was a child with my profuse sweating and staining underarms and staining all my shirts. I had several inquiries on different types of procedures but none ever explained in such dept as Dr. Omar did. He won't overcharge or suggest procedures just to pad the bill like it's the case in the clinics I visited in the US. His office is beautiful and clean with overall positive vibes. The whole staff is welcoming from the moment you walk in. I had botox on my underarms and had a skin tag removed and going back for more services he offers!
Dr. Omar cares so very much about his patients. He literally saw me for a consultation and charged me nothing. He helped me get lab work to check my levels, prescribed cream and meds for my hyperpigmentation, explained my results and checks in on me on Whatsapp. My doctors at home aren't as attentive as he is. I don't leave his office without a hug. He's is the type of doctor I aspire to be when I have my practice. I'm so happy that I went to his office. I trust him with my life and will continue to see him for all my medical needs. He deserves more than 100 stars. He's an amazing doctor, so very professional and so caring. There's no other doctor I'd trust with my skin or health!!!
Dialma Cazares
Dialma Cazares
Cómodas instalaciones y excelente atención.
Kristine Funk
Kristine Funk
If I could give Dr Omar 100 stars I would. He gave my husband (that smoked ) years and helped his quality of life. We were so grateful. I was diagnosed with 3rd stage renal failure and after years of deficient scores leading up the diagnoses of renal failure, once I got the stem cells I now have normal kidneys. I was also scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery. At 74 I was not looking forward to it. Again I went to Dr Omar and I was able to cancel my surgery. I am no longer in pain and am using my non functioning arm like normal. Both my internist on my kidney function and my PT for my shoulder were AMAZED!! I was not surprised, just exceedingly grateful. Dr Omar is an amazing healer.

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Free initial evaluation by Dr. Gonzalez.

Not sure if our treatments are right for you? Just make an appointment to talk to Dr. Omar D. Gonzalez over the phone, to discuss your case in detail and see if you are a candidate for the treatment.


Stem cell treatments provided by Integra Medical Center happen in Mexico and hence are outside the boundaries of the U.S. Be warned, stem cell treatments do not pretend to be a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. The information contained in these IMC’s written materials should not be considered medical advice. It is intended to be used for educational and information purposes only. The information contained in this website has been a product of years of practice and research of Omar D. Gonzalez, MD. Sadly unscrupulous doctors or clinics are copying the information and even stealing testimonial photos without authorization. People should know that they might be able to do this. Still, they won’t be able to copy the professionalism, method of therapy, and for sure the honesty of Integra Medical Center.

There are companies like PlacidWay, Health Tourism, Doctoralia, International Medical Tourism, International Medical Travel Journal, Whatclinic, Multiestetica, that our clinic is NO LONGER affiliated with. Please be clear that even though they still list our name on their web page, they will try to promote other clinics due to their business interests.