What are the characteristics of stem cells?

Watch here a short video explaining stem cell characteristics.

Why do you use placenta cells as opposed to cord blood?

There is no need for matching the patient according to the blood type and also there are more mesenquimal stem cells in the placenta then the cord blood (10 times more)

Yes the method I do is allogeneic which means cells from the same species (human to human) now why would I recommend that? Because Human Placenta cells are:

  • Fresh and only 9 month old and not whatever the age of the patient old.
  • These cells are genetically and immunologically fresh.
  • Non rejectable.
  • Immune-modulating properies.
  • They have the genetic expression as embryonic without coming from an embryo and they are still multipotent (capable of forming different kinds of tissues).
  • They are sterile and responsibly collected and stored.
  • No need to harm the patient to collect his or her own cells.
  • They are accompanied with lots of growth factors and immune-modulating peptides and proteins in physiological levels.
  • They work !!!!
Are the cells pure and free of disease?

Certainly. The tissue is tested extensively and is confirmed to be sterile. We use a certified laboratory to perform testing above and beyond what the law requires as with the Good Tissue Manufacturing (GTM) These tests include HIV in three modalities; Hepatitis B and C; Toxoplasmosis; Citomegalovirus; Sifilis; Rubeola.

How many cells will you be injecting?

Billions of cells will be implanted in different areas according to the patient’s condition and will be decided at the moment of the consultation.

Where do you get your cells from?

The cells are extracted from Human Placenta after the full term birth of a healthy baby through a Cesarean operation. This ensures that the tissue is not contaminated in the birth canal.

How soon can the treatment be done?

Usually about 4 weeks after the decision is made.

How long does it take to complete the treatment?

One appointment is necessary but you are welcome to extend your visit for acupuncture and other techniques.

How often is this treatment needed?

It depends of the condition. For anti-aging you can do it between six months to a year. For more severe conditions, every six months is ideal.

Is more than one treatment needed and how long does it take before there’s a noticeable improvement?

It depends on the severity of the condition but usually the patient starts to notice a difference the first night. The kidney function is the first area of impact. Then the patient sleeps better or more the first week, that might be thought of as fatigue but it has to do with being more relaxed.

The skin color improves within a few days, the energy starts to improve after a week, the drive to do things, the stamina, the interest in life, per se, increases day by day as the weeks go by.

In degenerative processes the demand for recuperation is very important since most of the improvement is going to come out of the patient intentionally creating the space for growth.

Are medical records needed such as MRI, or a CAT Scan?

Yes, please send your records to:

Dr Omar Gonzalez
1308 S Dogwood St.
Pharr, TX 78577

The more resources we have to validate the improvements derived from this therapy, the better. If a condition can be measured before and after that is great.

Is there any other kind of preparation needed?

No preparation is needed.

Why some people might be disappointed of the therapy?

It all depends on the expectations you have. Some people think of a stem cell therapy as a panacea that is going to miraculously cure everything and that is simply not right.

The idea of this treatment is to slow down the aging process in our body. As you know, everybody has according to his or her genetic load, different ways of aging according to a weaker organ. For some people it is the eyes (macular degeneration), for some it is the brain cortex (dementia) or other parts of the brain (Parkinson’s). Some people the joints (arthritis); others the immune system is defective (autoimmune conditions); sometimes it is an organ like the heart, kidneys or the liver that is aging due to a particular or added condition that speeds up the aging process like diabetes, smoking or alcohol abuse.

Now, why do I say this treatment slows down the aging process? Because the procedure involves making it possible for the body to have available stem cells, growth factors, immune system modulators and hormones the same way you had when you where a lot younger.

So, when you understand the nature of the therapy, you know what to expect and from that I can tell you from many years of experience that most people are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. The other issue I’d like to address is that in my clinic we often see very difficult and sometimes hopeless conditions that are challenging and when you see them face to face is hard to reject. One of my missions in life is to bring hope where there isn’t any and more then once the treatment has surpassed my own expectations so I decided not to be in between my limited knowledge and the patient chance for a possible benefit.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Prices and fees vary according to each case.
Please call or set an appointment for proper evaluation.

What are the passport requirements?

Passport Requirements

General Passport Information

PASSPORTS were required on June 1, 2009!
Options include a passport card ($40.00) or passport ($100.00), both good for ten years and available at most US post offices. Read all about it at the US Government Passport site! http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html Posted 06/10/09. Note that Green Card Residents can simply use their green card..

• ALL PERSONS traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport book or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States.

• ALL PERSONS traveling by land and sea outside of the United States are required to present a passport book/card, or other valid travel documents to enter or re-enter the United States.
The following summarizes information available on the Department of Homeland Security’s website:
• Effective June 1, 2009, all U.S. citizens are now required to present a passport book, passport card, or WHTI-compliant document when entering the United States.
Please Note: Children under age 16 will be able to continue crossing land and sea borders using only a U.S. birth certificate (or other form of U.S. citizenship such as a naturalization certificate.). The original birth certificate or a copy may be used. See the Department of Homeland Security’s Ready, Set.. Go! for more information on the changing travel requirements.

United States citizens can visit the State Department’s website http://travel.state.gov or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center: (877) 4USA-PPT. Please allow at minimum 6–8 weeks for processing of the passport application. If you need to travel urgently and require a passport sooner, expedited processing is available.

For information, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/passport/about/npic/npic_898.html

To find out more information about how to obtain a passport, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

To find foreign country entry requirements, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/brochures/brochures_1229.html

To find U.S. entry requirements for non-citizens, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/visa/visa_1750.html

Accommodations and transportation?

The ground transportation is handled for an affordable fee and it can cover all the transportation starting from picking you up at the airport and trips to the hotel and my office in Mexico and back.

I recommend these accomodations as they are close to the clinic:

  La Sirena Hacienda 
  9231 N. Val Verde Rd.
  Donna, TX  
  (956) 464-1104

Cindy Dillon-Owner

Doug Black-CEO

Driving directions from McAllen International Airport 
to 9231 N Val Verde Rd, Donna, TX 78537

McAllen-Miller International Airport (MFE)

  1. Head west on S Main St toward Wichita Ave 0.2 mi
  2. Turn left at Wichita Ave 0.3 mi
  3. Turn right at S Bicentenial Blvd 0.4 mi
  4. Slight right at S 18th St/S Bicentenial Blvd/S Bicentennial Blvd
    Continue to follow S Bicentennial Blvd 0.2 mi
  5. Slight right at Quebec Ave 141 ft
  6. Slight right at W Expy 83 0.3 mi
  7. Take the ramp on the left onto US-83 E 8.8 mi
  8. Take the exit toward Farm to Market Rd 1423/Val Verde Rd 0.2 mi
  9. Merge onto W Expy 83/US-83 Frontage Rd 1.1 mi
  10. Turn left at Form to Market Rd 1423 N/Val Verde Rd 4.0 mi
    9231 N Val Verde Rd
    Donna, TX 78537
Holiday Inn Express
421 S International Blvd
Weslaco, TX 78596
(956) 973-2222
(956) 968-9222
(877) 973-1015
(888) 400-9714

Best Western Palm Aire
415 S International Blvd
Weslaco, TX 78596
(956) 969-2411

Driving Directions

From: McAllen Miller International Airport (MFE) 2500 S Bicentenial Blvd # 100 Mcallen, TX 78503 US
To: 421 S International Blvd Weslaco, TX 78596-9114 US

  1. Start out going NORTH on S 10TH ST/TX-336 toward S OLD 10TH ST. (0.78 miles)
  2. Turn RIGHT onto US-83 S. (0.76 miles)
  3. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the US-83 E ramp. (0.16 miles)
  4. Merge onto US-83 S. (16.91 miles)
  5. Take the exit toward FM-1015/INTL BLVD. (0.19 miles)
  6. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto W TX-83-EXPY/US-83 S. (0.13 miles)
  7. Turn RIGHT onto 3 MILE RD W/FM 1015. (0.14 miles)
  8. End at 421 S International Blvd Weslaco, TX 78596-9114 US
    Total Estimated Time: 22 minutes
    Total Distance: 19.07 miles

From: Valley International Airport (HRL) 3002 Heritage Way Harlingen, TX 78550 US
To: 421 S International Blvd Weslaco, TX 78596-9114 US

  1. Start out going NORTH on AIRPORT DR/HERITAGE WAY toward MARINE DR. Continue to follow HERITAGE WAY. (0.40 miles)
  2. Turn RIGHT onto IWO JIMA BLVD. (0.30 miles)
  3. Turn LEFT onto N 25TH ST/FM 507. (0.21 miles)
  4. Turn SHARP RIGHT onto TX-499 LOOP W/N TX-499-LOOP. (3.22 miles)
  5. TX-499 LOOP W/N TX-499-LOOP becomes PRIMERA RD. (0.11 miles)
  6. Turn LEFT onto US-77 S. (0.07 miles)
  7. Merge onto US-77 S via the ramp on the LEFT. (1.84 miles)
  8. Merge onto US-83 N toward MCALLEN. (15.85 miles)
  9. Take the exit toward FM-1015/MEXICO. (0.20 miles)
  10. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto W TX-83-EXPY/US-83 N. (0.17 miles)
  11. Turn LEFT onto 3 MILE RD W/FM 1015. (0.22 miles)
  12. End at 421 S International Blvd Weslaco, TX 78596-9114 US
    Total Estimated Time: 27 minutes
    Total Distance: 22.58 miles
travel arrangements?

You will need to arrange your own air travel. If you have special needs and wish to arrange ground transportation, please send the flight information to Dr. Gonzalez as soon as possible as to have the transportation and scheduling ready for you.

Do You have any maps of the area?

Yes, Please view here pictures of area maps.

Weslaco, Texas

Nuevo Progreso, Tamps, Mexico

Street Map of Nuevo, Progreso

method of payment?

Cashiers check is preferred although Visa and Mastercard are accepted with a 3% increase in the fee.

Will a representative meet me at the airport?

Patients with special needs can arrange for handicap accessible transportation through Dr. Gonzalez.